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“The story of Durga "

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Durga is an 18 year old girl who lost her father many years back. She lived in Rajewadi with her brothers, sister and her mother. Her grandmother and extended family stayed nearby in the same vicinity. She was a happy go lucky young girl, with many dreams about her life, ambitions on the future, protected, and nurtured by a regiment of caring family members.

She had vague memories of her father, but never really missed him.

The love and affection she received from her mother and grandmother, her brothers made up for the loss she had to face early in life with her father’s demise.

Life was going well for this young girl, until the day she lost her mother.

About six months back, her mother fell sick. Initially it seemed like the usual cough and cold she got on an off. She ignored this for a while, the cough got really bad and she started wheezing. It was only then that the family took her to a hospital nearby, a private clinic. The treating doctor advised them to take her to the municipal hospital right away as she

seemed to be getting worse by the minute. They rushed her to Sasoon hospital. She was admitted in the ICU. Her chest X ray revealed that she had contracted severe pneumonia, which had almost completely taken over her lungs. By the next day she succumbed to the illness.

Her death was too fast, too soon, unexpected and untimely!

Durga could not bear the passing of her mother. She had meant everything to her. Durga also lost her grandmother around the same time. With both of them gone, she felt completely alone for the first time in her life.

She had dreams about her mother, flashback memories; felt that she was still around, calling out to her, speaking to her. She felt very sad, alone, helpless. She lost interest in other things, she had many crying spells.

She often cried when alone. She had many questions on why this happened to her, why did her mother have to be taken away.

She felt the vacuum looming large over her life. Her grades at school fell.

She hardly spoke to her friends and was preoccupied with thoughts about past memories. She felt suicidal. She had the urge to scream, break out, and felt intense fear, anger and rage, felt like beating up people! She often hurt herself when angry.

This is how Durga walked in into our centre. Sessions done with her focused on working on her grief issues- facilitating an experience and closure to the process of mourning, to be

able to let go,to form attachments with others in her circle of care, to get back to life and routine, engage in things that interested her, that could her connect her back to life and living.

About 12 sessions were conducted with her in all, intensive individual sessions. Being available, providing emotional support, space for expressing vulnerabilities and reconnecting with her circle ere primary areas of

the support sessions. This was all that was required for her to find her way around. Her anger, irritation, sadness and thoughts on ending her life- all reduced and she felt much stronger and settled than before.

This was story 17.

It is a true story

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