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“The story of Sharddha "

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Sharddha, forty year old stays in Lohiyanagar. She is married and has three children; two daughters and a son. Before marriage, she had no complaints. It was a love marriage against her parents’ wishes.

His love soon turned to violence and Sharddha had nowhere to go to because her family blamed her.Her husband was addicted to alcohol. He was also charged as accused

in several police cases. Her husband didn’t give her any money for either the children or for the household expenses. They were staying at rental place and had to move after every eleven months. Her husband was physically and verbally abusive to her and this only seemed to be increasing day by day. Many times, he was out of town and she didn’t know where he went

Sharddha isolated herself, she started being alone, she was verbally abusive, she was not talking to anyone, and she was unable to take care of her children. She was not bathing regularly; her clothes were disheveled and soiled. She wasn’t caring for herself. One of her relatives took her to Sasoon and she was started on psychiatric treatment. Sometimes, she took the medicines and sometimes she didn’t take them.

Sharddha was registered in Seher in 2013. She was identified through the household survey.Intervention has started with individual counseling, group activities etc. She was not keen to be a part of group activities. Contact was established with her maternal family to sensitize them of the very difficult situation she was in. It took several visits and negotiations to get the mother and father to come in as caregivers for her. Her mother insisted for a doctor. They found a private doctor for her.

Family counseling was done with her two daughters, aged 18 and 20. Caregiving skills, crisis support, safety issues and medicine monitoring sessions were done with them. Psycho- education was given to them on her condition. Earlier her children used to laugh at her, make fun of her, and even walk at a distance so that no one knew that she was their mother. All this changed gradually.

Support was also offered to them for vocational training in jobs of their choice.Slowly, changes in Sharddha were visible. She started getting up early, started doing household chores, started grooming herself, and found a job.

She met the team and requested that the visits be discontinued as she was feeling better. We felt that we had much to offer, but respected her decision and closed our work with her.

This was story 22.
It is a true story.

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